Carl Rafferty presents

Opera by Candlelight 2019

February 15/16/17 (Friday/Saturday/Sunday)

Join our celebration of wonderful music, glamour and friendship.

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“Opera by Candlelight” presents a cast of glamorous and talented opera singers coming to Canberra from Vienna, Warsaw, London, Belgrade, LA & Prague. They are joined by young and aspiring singers from all around Australia. They bring you the greatest melodies of Opera, Operetta and Broadway.

 “Opera by Candlelight” is a unique opportunity to enjoy great voices and fabulous tunes in a beautiful hall and a wonderful acoustic. You’ll be hearing the “real thing”. No microphones or amplification…just wonderful singing and fantastic instrumentalists in a superb acoustic and beautiful surrounding. 

“Opera by Candlelight” is staged in Canberra’s elegant Albert Hall. Music lovers travel from all parts of Australia to enjoy this unique entertainment…

“There’s no other event like this in Australia. It was well worth our trip. We’ll come for the next show, and we’ll bring friends next time!” Don Atkinson, Glenelg SA 

You’ll be thrilled by the grand choruses of Verdi, you’ll be elated by the “Flower Duet” and inspired by “Pearl-fisher’s Duet”. You’ll laugh at comical scenes from Don Giovanni and The Barber of Seville.

Our show isn’t just limited to Grand Opera. You’ll enjoy light-hearted selections from Gilbert & Sullivan and Rodgers & Hammerstein.

You’ll leave the hall with a spring in your step and whistling the tunes!

“Dear Carl, Thanks for putting the FUN back into opera and classical music. I love going to concerts with my friends but most opera and classical music is now “Oh So Serious”. We love that young Australian singers join your international artists. Your choice of songs is wonderful and we really appreciate the variety and so many tunes we know well and love. Will there be a sing-a-long again this year? There are over 20 people in our party and we’re already planning our outfits and table dressings so we can be a part of this wonderful night. We’ll see you on February. Sincerely, Heather Powell”


Dear Carl, Your shows are wonderfully entertaining. It’s opera without the boring bits. A bit like ONE DAY CRICKET! A fabulous mix for music lovers and a great introduction for “first timers”. Mark Simpson, Hacket


“Opera by Candlelight” is staged in a unique banquet format to share with your friends. Bring a supper as lavish or simple as you like.

A special gift…It’s my great pleasure to offer a gift of wine to all of our guests. 

This will be a selection of bubbly, white and red. 

Please email me if do you NOT want to receive this gift of wine at your table.

“Thanks Carl, for giving us the best of all possible worlds! A great night out with our friends, a superb entertainment and a wonderful night of food and wine. It’s the trifecta!” Michael Davidson, Forrest ACT

It’s thrilling to arrive at air-conditioned Albert Hall for “Opera by Candlelight”. The stately room looks glorious: 50 banquet tables with crisp white linen cloths; the sparkle of 80 silver candelabras; and the soft glow of hundreds of candles. The stage is set with antique furniture and wonderful music instruments, and there is a backdrop of old master paintings.

You’ll be exhilarated as you survey the room and then join your friends at a banquet table. Enjoy your dinner with your friends as you all eagerly anticipate the wonderful performance.

A pleasure shared…

“Opera by Candlelight” is a special occasion to be shared with friends. The singers and musicians enjoy a special camaraderie, warmed by rehearsing and performing together (and perhaps a lot of partying together?!?) It’s also a great thrill for the Australian cast to be re-united with their friends and teachers from Europe who travel to Australia to join our cast in this special celebration of great tunes from opera.


“Hi Carl, I just wanted to let you know how much our table enjoyed the performance on Sunday – the general comments/feedback was WONDERFUL!! They have all told me that they wish to be included in future events which is just great. Well Done, Margaret


This camaraderie is infectious, and you’ll be doing your own friends a great favour by including them in your banquet party. Banquet tables seat 8 people in great comfort (plenty of elbow room!) and can be extended to seat as many guests as you wish. Parties of more than two dozen are common. All tables of 8 or more guests have priority seating. 

Smaller tables and mixed table are also available.

“We always invite our Sydney friends to join us for Opera by Candlelight. It’s a unique event in Canberra, and a great reason for our friends to visit” Lucy Beauchamp, Garran, ACT

“Opera by Candlelight” gives you great value for your money. Tickets are only $80.

It will be wonderful if you contribute to both the atmosphere and the music. You’ll have a chance to join in some of the choruses (word sheets provided, as well as some quick tuition), and you can dress to the nines. Your choice of operatic, flamboyant or formal dress will add lustre to this grand occasion. You can also “dress” your table to further add to the spectacle.

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Catering option: My dear friend Mark Santos (formerly the proprietor of Vivaldi’s at ANU) will be able to cater for your table, if you choose NOT to bring your own supper of banquet. Details of this will be posted in mid-January, and this part of the “Opera by Candlelight” experience will be ticketed separately.
Important: this arrangement is only available for the complete table…it is too complicated to cater for only a few members of a group.

Here’s how the booking works:


1.     Tables of 8 or more will have the places closest to the stage, or may choose particular positions. These will be allocated in order of the FIRST ticket purchased. This means that if you book you own seat NOW, all your friends who join you will be bumped up the list!

2.   When you’ve made this initial booking, pass the booking link to your friends. You can send me an email listing all of the people who are likely to be at your table.

3.  You don’t have to pay up-front for anyone else…they can all book and pay independently, and we’ll make sure you’re all seated at the same table.

4.    Bookings can be increased at any time. There is no limit to the size of your party. Bookings of two dozen and more are common.

 5.    If you group doesn’t reach a table of 8, don’t worry. We will allocate smaller tables and mixed tables later, so you won’t miss out, but remember that tables of 8 or more will get the best position.

Here’s a hint: a few people who’ve always put large groups together with ease have told me the secret: DON’T consult with your friends about which night you’ll attend. Just make a decision and invite them to join your party. Groups who take too long to consult among themselves miss out on the best tables.


“Hello Carl, Last Sunday was our first time at “Opera by Candlelight”. What a marvellous way to showcase exceptional talent! It was a truly memorable night and is a wonderful event to be held at our fabulous Albert Hall. Congratulations to you and to all involved. Fantastic. Let’s see more of it. Regards, Di & Jerry

If you need any information or explanation please phone me on 0417 429 899


BOOK NOW for Opera by Candlelight

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Click HERE to book for Saturday February 16

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I promise you a great night out and a thrilling entertainment.

Book your table now, and I’ll look forward to greeting you in


Best wishes from Carl Rafferty

Producer of “Opera by Candlelight”

 0417 429 899

Please like us on facebook so you can share this unique event with your friends!

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