Banquet nights are like a posh picnic!

  • Gather a group of 8 or more friends and pack a banquet of yummy food.

  • You’ll arrive at stately Albert Hall where your table is waiting.

  • You’ll walk into the beautifully decorated hall to your own table set with a white linen table cloth, and a glittering silver candelabra.

  • Enjoy your dinner with your friends, be entertained by the terrific performers and fabulous music selections, and go home with a spring in your step and a song in your heart!

All seats are $80.

Hold a table so you don’t miss out (you can pay later)

This year I’m thrilled to announce FOUR improvements to give you even more fun with less effort…

1.    No need to bring glassware. I’m now providing wine glasses and water beakers on all tables. 
    Less for you to fuss about. 

2.    Even less to carry…there’ll be carafes of water and soft drink on your table at no charge.

3.    Albert Hall is now air-conditioned. You’ll be cool and comfortable wearing your operatic finery.

(To be fair this wasn’t my doing. The new air-con is the good work of the ACT Property Group who do a great job managing Albert Hall.)

4.    You now have two options for your banquet: you can bring your own 

(whatever yummy food takes your fancy) or you can pre-book and pre-pay 
to have your shared banquet provided. 
There’s a more detailed explanation of these options below.

“Opera by Candlelight” is your chance to share wonderful entertainment and a banquet with your friends.

 There’s some detail about food choices and the way the bookings work. 
Please read on…


Here’s what you need to know about the food choices…
i)          You can bring your own banquet – as simple or as sophisticated as you wish. Think of this as a posh picnic (with opera included)!!!

Some people bring cheese and fruit platters, or perhaps a plate of yummy sandwiches. 

You can go the whole distance and bring a lavish three course meal. The choice is yours. 

We hope you will have a lot of fun decorating your table!


ii)   You can enjoy a lovely selection of food prepared and served by my good friend Mark Santos. 
This option costs $30 per person and is pre-paid. 

Think of this as THEATRE RESTAURANT!!

Mark was for many years the proprietor of the wonderful “Teatro Vivaldi” theatre restaurant at ANU,  and you’ll benefit from Mark’s great talent for making excellent food and serving it seamlessly as a part of your entertaining evening.

1.    Important: the food service option from Mark MUST be booked for your entire party. 

       It is far too complicated for us to serve tables that mix the two options. 
        This food option will be $30 per person. 
        When you’ve booked and paid for your seats I’ll send you the link to pay the food option. 
        If you are choosing this option you then prepay for it. Remember: this option must be for the WHOLE table.

 2.    Here’s the menu from Mark:

 Your table will be served with a selection of shared platters. 
There will be small china plates and good cutlery provided.

 As you arrive you’ll be served with a selection of gourmet dips, bread, crackers and fresh salad vegetables. 

 This will be followed by a hot platter of chicken Kiev, 
meatballs in Mark’s special “Vivaldi” sauce, and spinach & fetta in filo pastry.

During the interval you’ll be served a dessert of profiteroles in rich chocolate sauce.

 This will be followed by a cheese and fruit platter.


3.    Dietary requirements: there will be a very limited option of gluten free food. 
We are unable to cater for any other specific requests. 
If your party have any complexity of dietary requirements I  recommend you enjoy bringing your own banquet.

 Important: Remember to make your seat bookings first. 

When you’ve booked I’ll send you the booking link for the pre-paid banquet option 

 A special gift…It’s my great pleasure to offer a gift of wine to all of our guests. 
This will be a selection of bubbly, white and red. 

Please email me if do you NOT want to receive this gift of wine at your table.

Don't forget to sleep in and do a vocal warm up in the shower, the occasional audience sing along has happened.

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